Frequently Asked Questions

What is you general lead time?

We usually turn around projects in 3-4 days, although this can vary depending on current work load and size of project.

What is the standard sheet size?

Standard is 2440 mm x 1220 mm, over sized sheets are available.

How much space should I put between parts?

This can vary but generally 7mm is enough space.

What is the thickest material you cut?

Generally 25mm, but we can cut upto 100mm.

Do you supply materials?

Yes we supply materials, see our materials page, we can also supply plastics.

What is your delivery charge under £300 + VAT cutting cost?

We deliver around Hackney and North London most evenings, evening delivery after 7pm is around £20 + VAT depending on availability. We also offer a same day courier service into London, prices vary from £40 - £75 + VAT

Can I bring my own material?

If we cannot supply the material you can send your own material to be cut.

Can I come and film the parts being cut?

Sorry we do not allow clients in the workshop as it is a busy and dangerous working environment.

Can I come and visit the workshop to talk through my design?

We should be able to talk through the design over the phone with images and drawings.