CNC cut Spruce Ply Designed by Universal Design Studio, at Aram Gallery for London Design Festival 2015

Cut and Construct made CNC flat pack spruce ply stands for the 2015 London Design FestivalThe Aram Gallery is hosting 2°C, exhibition shows works from a wide range of design disciplines to reimagine the public communication of climate change. 2°C was brought together by Disegno magazine and designed by award-winning creative agency Universal Design Studio, curated by The Aram Gallery’s Riya Patel.

 The exhibition includes work by  Dominic Wilcox,Ilona Gaynor, Maria Blaisse, Marjan van Aubel, Neri&Hu, Parsons & Charlesworth, PearsonLloyd, Ross Lovegrove, Sam Baron and Universal Design Studio.


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