How we work

If you need any further help please call: 07745486716

We offer a 2D and 3D CNC cutting and assembly service for London and the surrounding areas, including drilling, rebating, profiling and finishing. If you have any questions about how to prepare your CAD files please call: 07745486716

View Drawing Guide (PDF)

File Formats


Please send cutting drawings in one DWG, DXF or Ai file. Drawings should be 1:1 scale in mm.

Please let us know if you are using Micro Station or Vector Works. Example files are available below 

Example File (AI) Example File (DXF)


IGES or STL files, please ensure 3D files are under 500mb.

Helpful Tips

If you need any further help please call: 07745486716

Gaps between parts

It is best to leave 3mm around the border of the sheet and 7mm between parts to allow for the cutter.


We can “nest” your parts on sheets using our software, giving the most efficient use of the material.


If you would prefer to nest your project, please leave a 7mm gap between

parts and a 3mm around the edge of the 2440 x 1220 sheet.


Round router cutters leave small radius's on internal corners, these can get in the way if a square part is to be inserted. Radius's can be removed by hand or fillets can be added, see image below. If you require fillets let us know and we can add them quickly with our software.

View Drawing Guide (PDF)